Stop the Wallarah 2 Mine from impacting vital Koala habitat

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The Wallarah 2 coal mine, which is set to be built under the Yarramalong and Dooralong valleys was approved in January, 2019,by the Federal Minister for the Environment under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC).

Since then catastrophic bush fires have ravaged the state of NSW destroying significant areas of National Parklands.

Today, Sussan Ley announced that Koalas could be listed as Endangered.

Miraculously, the areas of Yarramalong and Dooralong valleys has remained untouched by the fires and now, people are reporting an increase in Koala sightings.  They are seeking food (the specific Eucalyptus trees these koalas rely on grow here), water and refuge from the Gospers Mountain fire which burned through Yengo and Wollemi national parks.  

Unburned areas like this are key to the survival of not just our precious Koala population but many other of our native species.  It is from areas like this that they will recolonise and survive.  

Please sign this petition, tell your friends, write to Sussan Ley and Gladys Berejiklian asking they show the strong leadership we desperately need by removing all mining permits for Wallarah 2 immediately and ensure this area is protected before the mining company starts bulldozing.