Our country is burning. Stop Adani stealing 12 Billion Litres of our precious water.

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Dear Environment Minister, our country is burning, and it seems to many of us that our government doesn't care. The LNP have failed to fund our emergency services. You've failed to acknowledge the climate emergency. You've failed to manage our water resources. 

Even worse. when much of our country is on water restrictions and ordinary Aussies are making sacrifices for the common good, you're still allowing 12.5 billion litres of our precious water to be given free to the overseas based Adani corporation. That's 12.5 billion litres that could be used for agriculture. Used within our communities. Used to fight fires. We're not allowed to water our plants, yet Adani can take billions of litres of our water to water coal. This is unacceptable. 

Use the water trigger. Stop the Adani pipeline. Please, just this once, put Aussie communities ahead of multinational corporations.