Suspended pay for MP’s until Brexit deal is achieved.

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Brexit is a hot mess. Every ounce of information the public has received so far has been filled to the brim with propaganda, slander, fearmongering, dramatic exits, shoddy replacements, and distractions. Instead of working together to come to an open acceptable solution, MP’s have behaved worse than children, bickering in parliament, threatening foreign relationships, entertaining a so-called ‘No Deal’ Brexit, (which is possibly the worst outcome that we could ever have come up with) and generally not even ‘trying’ to put petty party differences aside for the collective good of the UK. 

It’s time to hit them where it hurts. 

We all know that as soon as something threatens our money/income/livelihood, we get to acting pretty damn fast. Where is the incentive for our MP’s to act in the interests of the common person, if they continue getting paid extortionate amounts to carry on as they are? If a child acted the same way as some of the people in our government are at the moment, you’d put them in a timeout for goodness sake. 

There needs to be a sense of urgency and responsibility to the British people added to this process. Ultimately it is the ‘people’ who pay the salaries of those in government, and if they are no longer serving the ‘people’, payment should be discontinued. If you hire someone to do a job, and they can’t or won’t do the job required, eventually repurcussions have to be made. 

There can be ways of sanctioning our MP’s fairly. I.e. if a deal is not thoroughly and expertly laid out and explained to the public before a certain date, then payment will cease for a certain time. Or something similar to that note. Newspapers must only print factual progress on the Brexit deal, and no MP must give out any information on in-house politics or anything of that matter or they will be fined,  (because truthfully, who cares about the personal opinion of Boris Johnson when the country is hurtling towards a cliff edge? He’s fine, he’s got stakes in business, property, and a plethora of wealthy connections. Whatever happens with Brexit - HIS money isn’t going to be affected...much.) 

It’s time for our MP’s to show us what we are paying for. Give us results, and give us candid unsullied information about a deal so important, that it will shape the economic future of Britain for decades to come yet. There has been too much chaos and blame-shifting going on when what we really need is a solid coherent plan.