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Gibraltar´s Grand Parade Project

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I want to raised a Petition and collect signatures to object the Government of Gibraltar in building a two storey building providing a car park and some commercial units in Gibraltar´s Grand Parade.

This project needs a thorough investigation to obtain the best value for everyone in Gibraltar. It is clear that the new project is a rush job for the ministers to score points with political votes and very little value for Gibraltar.

 The project does not meet the requirement under the Gibraltar Development Plan on the following:-

  1. Where you may only develop underground.
  2.  It is necessary to measure the traffic load in the area.
  3. The building must follow the landscape of Alameda Gardens

From the resent studies made in Gibraltar it is clear that we are short of car parks, commercial properities, a new theatre manifested by the GSLP in this term in office, areas of storage and a parade ground to provide a proper temporary fair every year as well as other outside social activities.  

There are also three sides in the area that will benefit:-

  1.  The City Fire Brigade who will be leaving the site
  2.  The owners of the Cable Car wish to increase their capacity of users up the rock.
  3. The Queens Cinema and Hotel now owned by the Government of Gibraltar.

The area of the site is 9,000 square metres and until recently been part of the MOD lands and been allowed for parking facilities and other activities so long as it can be used for the MOD as a Parade Ground. This is the only large open space available in the centre of Gibraltar beside the Alameda Gardens which is the lungs of Gibraltar´s ecology.

It will be a shame to loose the natural resources available and the engineering done by the British Empire in the last century buried underneath when Gibraltar is short of space.

Large amounts have been spent in the last twenty years with Engineering studies where they found that the area has no rocks and only sand underneath, that is why the area is called Red Sands.  As an added value the Ragged Staff tunnel is between 18 and 20 metres  below. This will allow access to the project from Queensway and provide an extra 4,000 square metres available in the heart of the rock.  This area has not been used because it does not meet the necessary requirements used today as it was built during the first World War at the begining of the 20th century.

It is clear in my mind that if we do not want to ruin Main Street like many European Cities where the the shops are rented for Charity shop because of the luck of Traffic we must build a Shopping Mall in Grand Parade. This will life up the south park of Main Street where many daily visitors coming into shop in Gibraltar will park in the project. The site has space for at least double the space available in the current scheme, plenty of commercial shops to reduce the demand and reduce the cost of doing retial business in Gibraltar and encourage international and local entrepreneurs to start new businesses locally. There will be space even for the theatre that the GSLP are not talking anymore.

In my mind the top floor roof must be an extension of Alameda Gardens to make Gardens even bigger, increase the greenery in the Centre something that we can all enjoy and be proud and allow use for the fair and other outside facilities throughout the year. 

Please sign the Petition to suspend this project so that everyone benefits and get the best value for Gibraltar and those that visit us as a holiday or daily visit.

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