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The women with uterine health issues like, uterus absent by birth, malformed uterus, removed for any health reasons like cancer, recurrent abortions/miscarriages, multiple ivf failures, cardiac/renal/hypertension/diabetis kind of health issues feel it as a boon in disguise, to take help of another women to have own biological child

It should not be compared with something like organ donation or slavery or utilisation of a human for some unlawful purpose but should piously be viewed as a woman helping out another on genuine reason.
some times infertility of women become the reason of divorce.
Since last some years, was observed that a few persons misuse surrogacy. In the order control that Indian govt introduced Surrogacy regulatery bill -2016 with some very good parameters to control its misuse and like a women can not be surrogate once in a life.,one girl or women can donated eggs once in life.surrogate women will be get lnsurance by intended parents. In the order to control population inferle couple can opt.surrogacy after 5years of marriage. Foreigners cannot conduct surrogacy in india
Besides this ,Here is a point that only close relatives can be surrogate.How this can be possible.where from infertile couple will bring close relatives. families do not have sister or sister-in-law as already nuclear familes are there.
where's from persons grown in orphanage will bring relative,who should be also of age group 21 to 35.  

Don't they have right to feel happy?

If Indian government feel that something is happening wrong regarding surrogacy than provide wholesome medical support in government hospital also set govt surrogate home.
Surrogacy is not like deal of selling and purchasing child. It is about sharing happiness.

In india no body should be exploited,neither intended parent nor surrogate mother.

The unscrupulous arguments like the surrogacy is used for child trafficking, harvesting of organs for transplantation etc are baseless and wouldn't be resorted to by any one at least for the costs involved in the whole process and is monitored by the registered health service providers.

In the light of above facts, the 2010 draft of ART Bill may be examined and considered to have a comprehensive law on the field of human reproduction and fertility medicine in modern India.


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