Stop the Patriarch of Antioch visit India and create trouble

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His Holiness Ignatius Aprem II is Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church, based in Damascus, Syria. He and his predecessors had claimed authority over the indigenous church in India, Malankara Orthodox Church, which maintains that it is independent of any foreign interventions and it is a national church of India. A faction of people of this Church were supporting this Patriarch. Recently a division bench of the Supreme Court of India passed a couple of judgements reasserting that Patriarch has no authority over this Church. Thenceforth, the group supporting the Syrian Patriarch had been resorting to violent agitations and challenging SC verdict in public. Now there is a move to bring the Syrian Patriarch to India to morally boost their followers and stop implementing the Supreme Court Order. He is trying to come in tourist visa and enter the churches which are in dispute. We need this to be prevented and the MEA should ban the Patriarch from visiting India and challenge the sovereignty of our country.