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Stop Killing Rohingyas. They are Human

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Dear Madam,

You must be aware, just across our boarder, in Myanmar, thousands of people of Rohingya community are brutally being killed. Numbers of videos and pictures are being posted on internet by dying people shouting out for help to save them. In numerous pictures and videos, we can see people are being burnt and buried alive, women are being raped and even small children are being killed and chopped into pieces which is absolutely barbaric, inhumane and sign of organized genocide. 

India is one of the most powerful nation in South East Asia and an influencial neighbor of Myanmar. While thousands of people are being killed brutally even by their govt forces, it would be an inhumane attitude by India & Indians if we keep silent in such a heinous crime against human lives.

We Indians can't tolerate children & women being killed just because they belong to a particular community. We Indians can't tolerate people being chopped into pieces alive just because they are refugee. First of all, they are HUMAN. 

We urge you to raise India's voice in front of international community, United Nations and also to pressurize Myanmar Government to Stop Killing of Rohingyas. 

With a strong message against this ongoing genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar, we urge you to make ourselves proud to shout "मेरा भारत महान" 

Thank you. 

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