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seeking urgent help for mr. mohit chauhan

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Its been 10 months now that my husband Mohit is arrested in United States of America. We all here are shattered,helpless and in extreme grief with the news of 30 months imprisonment. He has been trapped by generating the evidences against him which are nul and manipulated. He is an indian exporter and belongs to a reputed business family. He is being punished for what he has not done. Mohit has a clean record and often used to visit USA he had no intention of commiting a crime. The ATF agent has trapped my husband by provoking him to make a business deal and acted as a fake businessman. ATF agent arrested Mohit for not having a license to manufacture some parts. FYI: The parts were not manufactured everything was done verbally over the dinner table. They trap Innocent people and make them suffer for their own promotion in jobs. 

Today, I am repelled to seek your help and request you to please stand by us and yet try and get Mohit deported back to India. I make this request as I firmly believe that resources do exit, surely there must be a way to still bring Mohit back to his country, and for all of this, we can only count on this prestigious Embassy and seek your help in ensuring so.

My reasons to yet not lose hope and still strive to bring my husband back home my two young kids in their growing early age are only familiar to their mother, and know very little about their father, my home has little left to survive on and no earnings are foreseen at all. The remorse just does not seem to end and has instead only been growing.

In this extremely tough time that my family and I are facing, I request, plead and desperately beg for your help and kindness. I will not lose hope and can not afford to accept the prevailing situation, I am helpless and I so firmly request you to please help us  to ensure Mohit is deported back to his nation.

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