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I happened to read 4 cases of rape in our country on my news feed just in a single day, 3 girls between the age group of 6 to 12 and 1 of an adult. We read similar cases almost everyday of our lives and thanks to social media which brings it to light. As much as it pains to read about this kind of an inhumane act, it also makes me think of what step could be taken to change things from the grass root level. As a woman first, I could only think of Sushma Swaraj ji to help us in this regard though she is an external affairs minister. I request our minister to make self defence classes compulsory in all schools across the country. I believe with practice it will surely help girls and sometimes even boys to defend themselves when found in any unfortunate situation. I also request to bring in child psychologist on board in each school to teach children identify sexual predators and raise an alarm. It's  also important to educate the young boys right from school about what's right and what's wrong. If we plant the right seed at the right time, I believe it will etch well in the budding minds and help in the formation of a better tomorrow in the society.