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Safeguard poor Rohingya migrants - treat them like humans, not like terrorists

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The year 2017 brings some sort of happiness for the world but from that sort of happiness a single sort is not available for poor Rohingyas. They are facing extreme level of cruelty in their home Mayanmar that is clearly in front of the world. At this stage or we can say at this worst situation where thousands of Rohingyas are killed by their country men's in shake of Muslim free country or we can say anti Muslim activity. At this shaken state of sorrow they are moving to neighboring state in search of saving themselves. 

India is one of the blessed neighbors, where Rohingyas refugees want to migrate in search of happiness or we can say for saving their life. Others countries like Bangladesh & Malaysia also allows them to settle in this worst situation. But the scenario is different when it comes to Indian context of offering shelters to those poor, unprivileged refugees. India’s government doesn’t want to them to get in just due to their religion, because they are Muslims, how inhuman is this?    

 If we look at the constitutional provisions anybody who wants to migrate & live in India is free to move but in this case we are experiencing a different scenario those poor Rohingya’s are profiled as Islamic terrorists, because they are just Muslim’s.

According to United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 3 lakh Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar since August 25 when the latest phase of violence broke out in the Rakhine province of the country.

Earlier in May this year, the UNHCR stated that about 1,68,000 Rohingyas had fled Myanmar since 2012, when clashes with Buddhists erupted in the trouble-torn Arakan region. Over 40,000 of those Rohingyas, who fled Myanmar, have entered India illegally, according to government's estimate.

Is a crime to be a Muslim?

If not then why government & media are profiling them as terrorists?

Please show some humanity & allow shelter to those poor Rohingya refugees.

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