Request Indian Govt. to intervene for Safety of the people in Syria. #syriaisbleeding

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Hi All,

Thank You for taking out time to address this issue. I scrolled through my FB timeline today and came across tens of videos of people from Syria 'begging' for help and mercy. There are kids who've lost their families and are left only with scars, hunger and anguish! Kids, who don't understand the concept of political disturbance. Kids who can't spell 'War'. People have been permanently disabled. And it's times like these when the old adage seems true- "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world BLIND!!"

Every country faces civil disagreements, but to bomb your own people to death is barbaric. The Syria crisis has been going on in the gulf for years now. Thousands of people, both militia and civilians have died. Hundreds have been rendered homeless and sought refuge in camps and yet President Bashar-al-Assad seems unperturbed in his approach to addressing the civil unrest. I, as an ordinary citizen of India, felt really helpless today watching those poor kids beg for help. My heart went out to them and all I wanted was to stop the killings by some god forsaken means.

I know that this is not the first time that people are being slaughtered for someone else's political agenda. This has been going on for generations. But this is where I hope that we'll take a stand as Humans, as a society!

Though this petition I would like to request the Hon'ble Prime minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi and the Hon'ble External Affairs Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj to intervene in the Syrian crisis and request President Bashar-al-Assad to retract armed forces and stop the bombings of civilians with immediate effect. India is not a third world country anymore. We have a strong global financial presence and several bi-lateral trade agreements with Syria which would help us in persuading the Syrian govt. And although interfering in Syria's internal affairs would seem unnecessary for India, I am hoping the Indian Govt. would look at this issue on humanitarian grounds and not just from the standpoint of maintaining healthy relations with Syrian Govt.!! Because otherwise, this Syrian civil unrest has just begun..

Please sign this petition and let's try to help the innocent civilians of Syria.  #syriaisbleeding

Thank You.