Remove travel ban for ECR passport holder to Visa On Arrival country

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My parents where travelling to Qatar to meet my brother and his daughter. For that they where quite excited as they wish to attend their grand daughter birthday. As qatar govt has rule to grant  1 month visa on arrival and we have travel in month of feb, we didn't face any problem. But this time the airlines denied boarding pass to my mother stating that as per new rule of government dated 18th may person with ECR on passport cannot travel to visa on arrival country. They have to get visa before travelling. We request to the Indigo airline to issue the boarding pass but they denied it stating that we cant as it is government rule. Nor did the airlines has intimate it to us before booking ticket that this rule has been change. Now airline is asking for 6000 Rs. per passenger for cancelling.That means i have miss the event and i have to pay Rs.24000 to airlines for not intimating us any rule changes. I don't understand if a passenger is illiterate why cant he tour to other country. I have all the valid document to travel to the country but still i cant travel as my mother is illiterate. As a favour airlines has given us a free change of date of flight to arrange the visa but the pain we have suffer cant be express. We went to immigration office in mumbai but they denied us saying we cant help as we are doing immigration check only for employment and we cant do anything for the tourist. I have tweet to Sushma madam and external affair ministry but unfortunately no reply from them too. I have got my ticket reschdule for monday but due to eid holidays in qatar unable to arrange the visa. Airlines is selling the ticket but it is their duty to inform to passengers about such rule change, but right now we have to suffer due to negligence of Indigo airlines and as middle class have to pay them my one month salary for no use.  ECR is required for employment but why is needed for tourist. Please help us so in future no one can suffer as we have suffered