Registration of Births Act, 1969

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I needed birth certificate for applying a Visa which could result in my career growth and so for country. So, I have applied to Municipal Cooperation in Panipat(Haryana). But they issued Not Applicable certificate stating as your birth is not registered.

For unregistered birth government make a rule (Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969). It’s very lengthy procedure require lots of time to fulfill and number of follow ups\visit with various department. In this procedure we must take signature from Health worker, Chowkidar, Dai, Neighbors, Numberdar, and Sarpanch etc. Along with it an inquiry report from CHC/PHC/MC - in charge. And your residence proof for that period when you born and numbers of others affidavit.

I have left Panipat before 10 years approx. and have very limited contacts. I am working and I have leave mainly on Sunday (Government offices remain close), which make it very difficult for me to get birth certificate as it restricts me to visit. So, to avoid all hurdles I tried to find alternative who can help me to complete this procedure. I was ready to pay fees for same. But when I reached I got surprised because they were asking Rs. 25000/- approx. for per birth Certificate. It was on email, as I don’t have fight with that person\company so don’t want to public that email and their name.

I have also contacted to BDPO, Tehsildar, Sub Divisional Magistrate and City Magistrate for Panipat district but didn’t get even their response\ acknowledgment. So, can’t expect any resolution from them.
As I do not want to appreciate bribery so writing here.

Need action from Government to make this procedure ease(Minimum document and no or only family members witness  and independent of location) as it approx. 50 years old law and very difficult to fulfill.

Please sign this petition and make it happen.


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