BPT & Cruel Public Premises Act. “Injustice at its peak - Zero Humanity”

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Tenants and Sub Tenants occupying residential and commercial premises in the BPT land/structures, for more than 50 years are told to pay rent calculated at approximately 6 times the current market rate. The interest and penalty levied on arrears is calculated in a very orthodox manner. Eviction proceedings has begun between Colaba and Wadala. Instead of throwing out Tenants and Sub Tenants, come out with a reasonable formula for renewing leases at an affordable price. More than 10 Lakh Tenants and Sub Tenants will be without a house/business, if there is no amendment done in the Public Premises Act. The Public Premises Act does not come under the purview of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act. The Trustees of the Mumbai Port Trust are the Politicians from the Ruling party at the Centre. On Humanitarian grounds they should not trouble tenants who are living in these properties since 7 to 8 decades.

Please sign this petition so that it reaches our Honourable Prime Minister and Honourable President and we retain our premises.