Lost Opportunity to Have Child b'coz of non-conversion to Husband's Religion-FraudMarriage

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Why did you marry a Muslim? A question of almost every non-Muslim to me, making me feel as if I, as a Hindu, committed a crime/sin by marrying a Muslim.

I got married in 2010 in India through Special Marriage Act. My husband is a Muslim; I am a Hindu who refused to convert to Islam, still my husband married me on the false pretext of his love, just to immigrate to Canada. I had applied for Canadian permanent residence in 2010; the file that was supposed to be processed within one year, took 4.5 years to get processed. During those 4.5 years, my in-laws tortured me for money and for being from a different religion. Upon my husband’s assurance that we both would together have a good life in Canada, away from his greedy family, I kept holding back the pain.

After immigrating to Canada in 2014, despite multiple promises and assurances, when my husband and in-laws continued to torture me for money, on the second count of domestic violence in Canada, I called the police on my husband in May 2016. He was arrested, pleaded guilty and attended partner assault response classes. He apologized to me a lot; consequently, I agreed for a peace bond with him. In January 2017, my mother-in-law had a cardiac arrest; with almost 90% heart blockage and other illnesses, she underwent 4-valve bypass surgery in India. My husband stayed in the hospital with her for almost 2 months, going through extreme difficult times. Upon returning to Canada, he confessed me his own/family's excessive torture to me and felt that his mother and family were served karma for their evils meted out to me. He promised me that he would treat me well from then on and would also plan a family with me. Consequently, I agreed to give him a last chance, which later turned out to be a trap by my husband/his family to extract maximum money from me and to secure Canadian citizenship of my husband.

This was the time, I decided to stand up and fight for justice against all odds; after much struggle, in 2018, my husband and his family got charged under sections 498A and 406 of the IPC. Other charges are still not added because of police authorities callousness. I have many evidences of the torture meted out to me; still it is not easy to get justice. I am going through hell each day dealing with the legal matters. I am the only daughter of my mother, who is divorced from an arranged marriage. My mother and I are struggling hard to get some justice.

In the 7 years of my marriage, my husband kept playing with my emotions, gave excuses, apologized in extreme situations, never planned a child with me because I am a Hindu. He, however, married me, lived with me, used and abused me emotionally, physically and financially and in the end planned to kill me by buying a hefty term life insurance policy with me. I am 39 years old as on January 3, 2019. I have lost the opportunity of having a child of my own. As Muslims, my husband and his family believe that it is a sin to have a child with a Hindu; but is it not a sin to sleep with a Hindu!?! It indeed is rape to sleep with a woman by giving her false dreams of having a family. 

I need your support to get the due justice that I rightly deserve, which will not only save my life but also set an example to raise voice against the evil thinking of fundamenlists that authorize them to think that people who don't convert deserve to go to hell.

Thank you,

Shilpa Aggarwal

P.S. A Muslim family devastated my whole life; still I would not say that all Muslims are bad. My thinking is different from many, but it is not wrong. I am not saying just for the sake of it; I do have evidence to prove that I always respected Muslims and any other religion equally.