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Stop looting tenants on the name of Security deposits.

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Hi All,

Most of the youngsters (students/working men/women who are staying away from their hometown) may relate to this. Most of the tenants have to go through this because landlords always cook up stories not to return their security deposit. I myself have been living on rent in delhi and have changed multiple houses and have to compromise every time on refund of security deposit as always landlords used to give illogical statements like "room saaf krane me paisa lgega, repaint krne me paisa lgega toh security se hi katega". This is a common issue which most of us have gone through who ever lived on rent in Delhi/NCR or any metro city.

I need your support to fight against these criminals who think "Looting tenants & harrassing them is their fundamental right". Just because there is no strict law regarding same so they do whatever they feel right. 70% tenants never get their security deposit. I and my friends have witnessed this multiple time. Took help from Police but all in vain. Due to this corrupt system, no one willingly helps you.

I am sharing what happened to me as a tenant/Paying guest. There have been multiple incidents like this which have happened in the past but i never raised my voice and never took stand againts this injustice. Many of you might have suffered or heard about similar stories of not getting their security deposit.

This incident happened 2 months ago. I was staying in a pg (Puneet's PG) in sector 21A Gurgaon since june 2017. I shifted to other place a month back but that care taker Named Amit Sharma didn't refund my security deposit. Now on daily basis, he is giving one or the other date with a number of excuses which lead to heated arguments between us. But its of no use. Feeling helpless. 

PG Owner - Punit Lamba : 9999514822
FB Profile Link :

Care Taker - Amit Sharma : 9899478512/9992460185
Address : Punit's PG, House number 411, sector 21 A, Gurgaon - 122001

I had to stay there for 3 months as that moron said if i wont complete three months period then they wont give money back to which i had a long discussion and finally felt helpless and i had to stay there for another two months unwillingly. But now even after completion of 3 months, they are not giving my money back. 
As a proof, i have few transactions done through paytm to his number and a security deposit receipt signed by him. What to do ?
They have started ignoring my calls as well. Tried from different numbers but they do not respond at all. If at all, that idiot accepts call then also after knowing who i am, he disconnects the call. I visited that place alongwith my frnds as well bit except heated arguments, nothing happened. They are not denying to give money but its been 26 days they are giving excuses on daily basis.I have lost all hopes in this case because i have sent them a legal notice as well but they didn't revert to that notice also. Legal battle will also lead this matter to nowhere as he himself is a powerful personality in his area and have political influence.

I want to fight against these people who thinks looting their tenants on name of security deposit is their fundamental right. Can i expect you all to come together on this matter which no one takes care of because no one wants to spend their time fighting with such morons. All i need is your support if you feel this is injustice to tenants.

Kindly help me reaching more signatures. The mental torture and abuse that i have faced, i do not want that others also receive the same. Those who have gone through the same can understand what i am talking about and how helpless a person feel.

Lets raise our voice against such pg owners/ landlords who think harassing their tenants and looting them on unnecessary charges is their fundamental right. 

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