Justice to Vikas Mishra and revocation of illegally issued passport.

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Vikas Mishra is an honest and upright officer who has been punished for doing his duty. He has been illegally transferred on the mere accusation of a lady who had suppressed information while applying for her passport. When the passport officer asked for further information she threatened him of consequences and taking this further to teach him a lesson. The passport officer did not budge from his position and followed the rules. 

'I asked Tanvi Seth to get the name 'Shadia Anas' endorsed as it was mentioned on her Nikahnama (marriage contract), but she refused. We have to do thorough checks to ensure no person is changing their name to obtain a passport,' the official, Vikas Mishra, told ANI. he was taking necessary precautionary measures to ensure there was no forgery involved.

Also, this couple was based out of Ghaziabad while they were applying from Lucknow which itself is against the rules and was another objection raised by the Passport officer.

However, instead of providing necessary information to the passport officer, this lady Shadia Anas who was posing as Tanvi Seth (her previous name), tweeted to Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External affairs who took swift action not only to illegally transfer the honest and upright officer Mr. Vikas Mishra but also asked the employees in her department to flout all rules and immediately issue a passport to Shadia Anas and her husband. This was done with malafide intentions and vote bank politics in mind to woo Muslim voters. It seems that the Ministry was cowed down by the pressure created by pseudo secular paid media.

No investigation was done before Vikas Mishra was transferred. It immediately was announced in the media which gave the verdict that he was guilty, all based on a fake accusation by a woman who was trying to speed up the issue of her passport through fake communal accusations.

We want that Vikas Mishra is immediately restored in his position until the investigation by a bench of judges who have a history of non-partisan judgments along with forensic experts and CBI is appointed to verify the claim of the lady. This person has faced immense humiliation for doing his duty and has been literally lynched by the media, even without any investigation.

Also, we want the passport issued to the lady and her husband be immediately revoked until the investigation is completed. If the investigation finds her guilty of false accusation, she should be tried for defamation, criminal intimidation, fraud, forgery and several other crimes and should be blacklisted from applying for a passport for her entire lifetime. The passport officer on the other hand should be awarded for the courage he has shown against these kind of rich mafia who think they can threaten anyone and take help of paid media to get their work done. He should be promoted to a senior position and should be recommended for the top awards in the Ministry of External affairs for the honesty shown while performing his duties.

BJP of late has been engaging in blatant appeasement of Muslims. PM Narendra Modi has praised Mohammad several times during Ramzan while it is a known fact that Mohammad had raped a 7 year old child Ayesha, killed numerous people and propagated his bigoted cult through violence. It was because of his ideologies that the world is suffering from extreme Jihadi violence today.

Rajnath Singh has announced unilateral cease fire which led to increased one sided violence in Kashmir and helped the terrorists strengthen their networks during this 1 month. Apart from that he has also decided to release thousands of stone pelters who have again started creating havoc in the valley.

Funds to Muslims have been increased by an unprecedented 70% and Bangladesh was given 30000 Crores while India is reeling from extreme poverty! Not only this, Rajnath Singh have been found wearing Islamic costumes too often while holding iftars and Islamic events has become a norm for BJP in the last few months. Even Sushma Swaraj was seen wearing a hijab in Iran! Sushma has remained focused to immediately help any Muslim and Christian who tweets on Twitter to her and then publicize this on media! However there are thousands of Hindus who tweet to her about their problems which she chooses to carefully ignore. We want a government which serves people irrespective of their religion. It seems that the BJP which was elected due to its stand against appeasement today is competing with parties known for their appeasement like Congress, Samajwadi Party, Trinamool congress, TDS, JDS, RJD etc. We request BJP to shed this path of minority appeasement and work for all the citizens of the country, not just for Muslims.

We request Sushma Swaraj to immediately take up the issue with utmost priority and provide justice to Vikas Mishra. We also request BJP president Amit Shah and Prime Minister to take cognizance of this issue immediately and help restore the faith of Hindus of India again in justice. If Sushma Swaraj does not provide justice to Vikas Mishra, she should be removed from the position she is holding. Indians will not tolerate injustice in the name of Muslim appeasement.

We want justice for Vikas Mishra.