Justice for Ryan De souza

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We humbly request respected Sushma Swaraj to please consider our petition to save an innocent man from an unfair verdict.

"He is innocent and is being made a scapegoat. He only worked in accounts for four months before the company was sealed," said Ryan de Souza's father.

Ryan de Souza, 27, was an employee at the Lemos Foundation founded by Sydney Lemos who has been accused for pullling the Ponzi scheme ($200 million Exential scam in Dubai) on around 513 clients among whom were also Ryan's parents who invested a large amount of money and lost it all like the others. Ryan has wrongly been sentenced to 500 years imprisonment along wth Sydney Lemos.

Ryan completed his BBA and was a footballer in Goa. He was picked up by Lemos' football team FC Bardez in Dubai and later roped into the company in June 2014. He worked as an office administrator till February 2016 when he was promoted to senior accounts specialist. On the whole he worked for four months in accounts, before the Dubai Department of Economic Development sealed the company in June. How can they say he's responsible? Ryan resigned from the company and as his visa was due to expire, he decided to return to Goa, was detained at the airport on February 10, 2017, was in prison until now and sentenced the same as that of the owner Sydney Lemos.

HE WAS JUST A FAITHFUL EMPLOYEE who has been accussed for being the right hand man of Sydney Lemos. A young man of good values has been hit by a huge tragedy that with your help will be brought justice.