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Harassment from police for Passport verification

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Police verification for passport in West Bengal has become pathetic for us.

Recently I, Tapanjana Rudra, had applied for passport. But I got an objection letter from RPO Kolkata regarding name related problem. Now coming to the main problem when I first went to the police station for verifying the documents, Police had seen all my documents and mentioned that my application name differs from the name in my BIRTH CERTIFICATE. It is truly so. I have a different name in my birth certificate but all my other documents (Aadhar, PAN, Voter cards, including my 10th level admit card) bears my present name. This is why Passport office said that birth certificate would not be necessary. Still I had an affidavit and a newspaper print which shows my name change. And the District Investigation Officer of Bardhaman, Mr Kalyan Dutta, asked for my Birth Certificate. He said, 'An Affidavit has NO VALUE.' I mean really?

Moreover, the new passport rules show that Birth certificate is not mandatory for making the passport. The officer was not even aware of it and mentioned, "I have not received any circular regarding that." So my father had visited his office another day to make him aware of recent PASSPORT RULES, yet he has not cleared my passport verification despite showing all proper documents, even more than it is necessary.

1. So the first question is-Is it true that an Affidavit has no value in India and Am i the only person to change a birth-name?

And really, Is he an officer of such rank that he has no idea about the current rules as he mentioned? Or he just wants to take money in other way?

2. My second question that the letter mentioning “GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS" has really any value?

After getting adverse police verification and visiting the regional passport office, the officer told me that a letter will come to my home for re-verification. But the mail I got did not contain any such statement. When I visited the RPO Kolkata to give them clarification, as was mentioned in the mail, the officer who was clearing my confusions there had clearly said that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE was not an issue with them. But they cannot help if police asks for it. He declined me when I asked for speaking with any of the senior officers. I was carrying all the proper documents but he did not ask to show any of them.

So, again they would send me letter for police verification, again I would have to visit Mr Kalyan Dutta’s office. And again he would repeat this behaviour. It may be sorted by giving bribe. But should I? Because of moral ethics my father did not entertain their query for bribe and this is the result.

Now, in my final year of graduation, I am unable to apply to any university abroad because of this dilemma, when and how I am going to get my passport.

 Many of my friends has made passport before. Even though their documents were alright, police has asked for bribe. I mean why should we give bribe even all our documents are proper? One of my friends too was asked to give Rs.500 at the time of verification. He did not give any bribe so his passport arrived late. If we go to the Police station and RPO daily for these problems, who would attend our classes? Like nowadays it has become a routine for everyone to visit the RPO and Police station for such problems.


Thousands of people like me are standing in queue with more or less same problem as mine. Nobody is there to give any concrete decision.


Ma'am Sushma Swaraj, Vikas Swarup, MEA India solve this problem . Please help me to get my passport.

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