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Driving Lincence reciprocity between India and France (EU)

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Dear Honorable Madam, Minister of External Affairs of India,

Through this petition we (Indian citizens living in France) would like to draw your attention towards recognition of Indian Driving License in France.

Today, every foreigner resident of France, (except the citizens of countries whose governments have signed MoU of reciprocity of Driving License with France), need to pass extremely expensive driving test in France in order to get a French Driving License (going up to 4000 € in some cases, and driving schools charging minimum 1000 € to begin with).

Citizens of our neighboring countries like Nepal, Iran and some developing African nations having reciprocity of driving license with France can exchange their countries’ driving licenses with that of French driving license with no exchange fee.

Link of list of countries having receprocity : http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/---_liste_definitive_permis_de_conduire_valables_a_l_echange_02_2017_---_2__cle085da1.pdf

Despite of India’s growth and place in international labor market especially France, we Indians feel bereft of this opportunity and hence would like our government to sign a similar reciprocity act with French government & road authorities.
Due to India’s rapid economic growth and proven track record of development, it is very damaging for an Indian working and living in France not be able to drive or pay exorbitant fees to acquire driving license because of non-reciprocity of driving license between the two countries.

We also heard that there was a request by EU/France to Indian government via consulate to grant this reciprocity, which was due to unknown reasons were never signed.

We, hence, request you to kindly take a timely action in this regard which will come as reprieve to thousands of Indians living in France.

In hope of swift action,

Yours sincerely,

Indian citizens living in France

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