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Don't Fall Prey To Bogus Emigration Consultants-Tycoonz Education Survey Unearths 42% Fake

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The rate of immigration frauds is increasing by each day. A recent example depicting a similar immigration fraud has surfaced, where New Zealand is carrying out a mass deportation of students with fraudulent visas. People have taken to publically campaigning against the action saying they lost everything in the process of immigration and are left with nothing to go back to.

Action taken by the New Zealand government over fraudulent visas has resulted in Indian student’s seeking shelter in one of churches in Auckland. A 23-year-old student stated that he, along with his family gave up everything in the procedure of migration and are practically left with nothing to go back in India.

The sole responsibility for the havoc caused in New Zealand over fraud visas is of the immigration firm that allotted visas to all these students. A majority of these people are students who are living in Auckland while some are even situated in other cities. The consequences of this mass deportation has caused all students to come together to campaign against it.

Reportedly, the students were made to pay approximately $20,000 for student visas. However, on their arrival in New Zealand it was discovered that their respective agents from India had forged the visa supporting documents landing them into a grievous trouble.

The students were notified by New Zealand’s immigration authorities in written about their fraudulent visa documents and that they are required to leave the country. Near about 150 students are going to be deported from the NZ soon as a result.

Ongoing deportation in New Zealand is not the only case of immigration frauds. A recent survey too has exposed 43% fakes in the industry of immigration. The rate at which immigration frauds are rising by each day is alarming and needs to be curbed.

Several surveys have emerged showing a significant number of immigration firms turning out as bogus. Nevertheless, only a negligible ratio of those are reported until now which allows them to continue to fallacious practice on more people.

Reportedly, more than 43% immigration firms are doing a faux business. The most common way of conducting such frauds is via emails. Confirming details on government website before trusting such mails would solve half of the problem. The lack of awareness and complete knowledge about immigration procedure is what makes people vulnerable to such fraudulence.

It isn’t too late to act against immigration frauds and fix the system. I appeal to all the people who think likewise to sign this petition and bring such mishaps in public awareness without further delay. Show your support against the deceiving immigration businesses. It’s time we act against immigration frauds and clean the industry off them.

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