Bringing Mr. Uda Ram Jat to India from Afif Jail at Riyadh

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Hello All, 

My cousin brother Mr. Uda Ram Jat from Village Rulyana Patti, PO Sihot Badi, Tehsil Laxmangarh, Rajasthan went to Riyad, around three years back, through a local agent at Mumbai for earning his livelihood. He started working there with “Al Dufiyan Transport Company” at Azizya, Riyad whose owner's name is Mr. Abdul Aziz. He was given the number 2398140406 as his identification number in that particular country. 

In November, 2016, while he was driving the vehicle (heavy loaded truck) of the said transport company, he met with an accident with another vehicle which was stated to be loaded with branded cars. In the said accident, he was arrested and since then he is in jail.

When contacted, the Embassy at Riyadh has responded that -  " Shri Uda Ram Jat was arrested in connection with a traffic accident in which two trucks collided and cost of damage worked out was SR-60,000/- and SR-4,50,000/ in respect of both the trucks. After the investigation, it was concluded that Shri Uda Ram Jat is held 100% responsible and he has to pay this amount. However, as per family’s request, the Embassy has written to the concerned Saudi authorities regarding the family’s inability to pay the compensation charges in respect of private rights due their poor family conditions and requested to release him from the jail on humanitarian grounds. However, in response to our reply, the Saudi authorities have mentioned that waiver of private rights in not possible by the authorities concerned. It is only possible by withdrawal of the claim by personal rights owner".   

Since my brother was very poor and then only he went there for earning his livelihood but the cost of damage worked out is SR-60,000/- and SR-4,50,000/- which in Indian currency comes out to be approx Rs. 87,00,000/- which is not at all possible to pay. 

My humble request to Smt. Sushma Swaraj Ji is to help us in release and repatriation of brother so that he and his family can survive.

This can be done on many grounds because in this accident case nobody had died or injured and the damage can be compensated to the truck owners by the insurance companies or the government can provide a lawyer to challenge the order etc.

I have much more to write about the condition of family of my cousin brother, against the government and embassy etc. but I do not want to because I only want my brother back to India.

Please help.

With kind regards,

Rajendra Singh Dhaka