Boycott the film production house those who bully young actors

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Please stop watching those films which are been produced or been made by those production house who bully the actors  who don't have any god Sushant singh Rajput etc .Actors like Kangana said that there was 7 complains against her in the police station for supporting Sushant ..they have got the opportunity to complain against her because she has no god father in the film industry..if the same thing would be done to any dictator / actor / producer kids nothing would happen to them. If in this way actors (who don't have any 'god father' in the industry) are been bullied..then in the next 20 years film industry will be collapsed  ..

Merits should judge by talent not by birth.

Not only Film but also serials actors are been bullied for example-AKTA KAPOOR SERIALS..if you don't fulfill his demands you will not get job in serials..why ???why this happens..

Ok leave film industry..let me talk about other fields ..for example ..If police don't follow ministers demand or file a case against them then that police will be asked to leave the job or transferred to another place....not only police's jobs but in many other fields the same thing is been followed 

Why merits are still now been judged by birth and not talent



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