A safe harbour for women

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We are Indians. We worship durga and kaali and then rape little angels in temples. We see movies like mary kom padmavati and dangal and let girls still be unsafe of setting their foot out of their houses. We measure their skirts but not the height of their goals and aims. We are Indians. We are all united for banning certain things and creating revolts for not releasing a movie and to hoot and shout and use those hashtags to provide support to the court decisions so as not to take our favourite celebrity in the custody but we don't have to do anything here. Rapes happen in our country and honourable politicians say oh men commit such things. It is thought whether to jump up to a decision to sentence them to death or not. Rapes will happen and we will close our eyes shut our ears and our mouths as it has been told to do so. Yes clothes according to you might be the deciding factor but was asifa wearing short skirts or was she carrying a revealing dress ?? She was a little angle for God's sake regardless of her religion. 

Oh pls india I beg you not to showcase that you are actually thinking whether to sentence them to death or not pls do something before all the women out there become extinct. Rape is a crime I beg to cut off the genitals of the culprits so that they might feel a bit of how the victims are traumatized. Nirbhaya zainab unnao and now this lil soul asifa. Pls hear for God's sake. Protect your girls.

Pls save girls. But before that pls save your men first.

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