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Stop serving shark fin in your restaurants

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Today the rapidly expanding and largely unregulated shark fin trade represents one of the most serious threats to shark populations worldwide. According to wildlife conservation much of the shark fin trade uses a cruel process where fins are cut from living sharks, called finning. Because shark meat is worth much less, the now finless and often still-living sharks are thrown back into the sea where they either die from suffocation or are eaten because they are unable to move normally.

Tens of millions of sharks are killed each year to meet the increasing demand for shark fins and are killed for their fins alone. As a result, as many as 90% of the shark population have been slaughtered in the past 15 years, with certain species decimated by over 95%, leaving these sharks on the brink of extinction.

If Sushi Train chooses to partake in the controversial practice of selling shark fin products, the food should at least be clearly labeled to allow consumers to make an informed decision about deciding whether to eat at these restaurants. Not providing the English translation of this product is not OK.

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