Protect our country from deranged mass murderers give the FBI mental health information.

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Our country's mishandling of the mentally ill is the real issue when it comes to the mass shootings we have seen in our country.  The problem is the people who sell guns do not have all the information they need on those who buy guns. My husband works for a store that sells guns.  After the recent school shooting in Florida, he told me how glad he was that he had not been the one who sold that gun. Can you imagine the guilt a person would carry if they sold a killer a gun because they didn't know the person was mentally ill.

 Right now when someone goes to buy a gun the seller has to do a FBI background check and have the buyer fill out a form.  On the form it asks if the person has ever been found legally mentally incompetent, or been put into a mental  health facility.  If either of these are true all they have to do is lie and check no.  Since the FBI is not allowed to have a persons mental health history, if they have never broken the law the FBI check will come back ok.

How can we keep crazy people from buying guns if those who need the information to stop them do not have that information.  We need to allow the FBI to gather records on anyone who has a history of mental health issues and  wishes to buy a gun.  Once you pass that information test you would be ok'd to buy a firearm. 

We used to have facilities for the mentally ill, there are very few now and, they are privately owned.  Government facilities were closed when it was found that many were not taking good care of the residents.  Instead of closing them why didn't they create better ways of checking the facilities?  Right now we have many truly mentally sick people in our society, who are not being given any, or poor care for their conditions.  If we fix this, we will be a lot closer to ending mass violence against unsuspecting citizens.  Even if you took away all the guns, a mentally unbalanced person would still find a way to kill, like knives, or bombs, or a vehicle.  Stop the sick, and we stop the violence. 


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