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We want the targeting of our law enforcement officers to be treated as a HATE CRIME.

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With all the killings of Police Officers around the nation, and even here in New Mexico, something needs to change.  We want our Police Officers to be safe on our streets but they also need to "feel" safe on their shift.   Police are being targeted because of their occupation, because of the uniform they wear, and because of who they are.  Their job is very dangerous, they do it because it is who they are.  They risk their lives for us everyday, they are heroes, and our heroes need to be protected.  What they do everyday, some may never understand, but their first and foremost job is to come home safely at the end of their shift.  We want the subjects who target Police Officers to get the same treatment as a "Hate Crime" when arrested.  I don't know why this law is not in place, it should be.  Hate crimes are usually violent, prejudice motivated crimes that occur when a subject targets a person or persons due to their color, race, religion, or sexual orientation. This should now include Police Officers.  Incidents against Police Officers usually involve physical assault, damage to property, harassment, verbal abuse, insults, or worse. We want our Police Officers to be safe and the subject should be charged with a "Hate Crime".  Please help us citizens make a change in our community,  a difference in our State, and maybe, just maybe other States will follow your lead.  Please help change the law on this subject, and give our Police Officers a little justice.  Something needs to be done, we want what is best for our men and women in blue who keep us safe everyday.  

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