Keep New Mexico Connections Academy open beyond the 2017-2018 school year!

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New Mexico Connections Academy has been providing education to families across the state of New Mexico, who do not fit the traditional school environment. These kids may have health issues, problems with bullying, or unusual family situations. For example, the student's family might need to travel on a consistent basis for work, or the student's family might be in a financial crisis, which requires the student to work 1 or 2 jobs to help with bills and other expenses.

Recently, the PEC of New Mexico (Public education Commission) voted to shut down NMCA because of its decrease in scores in the math section of the PARCC test (11% decrease) and because NMCA missed the requirement that 95% of students take the PARCC test (88% students took it).  I do not like the fact that the Secretary of Education and the PEC only looked at NMCA and its students as numbers, and not as people that would be affected by their decision. I understand that a school's performance matters, but how many schools across the state have bad performance and their school is not getting shut down? Students will have to scramble to find a new school, while teachers will be left jobless! Why punish an entire school for the faults of a small group of students?  Parents have the right to choose not to test their kids and PEC and Secretary of Education need to respect that and not hold schools accountable for a parent's decision concerning their child's education.

I came to New Mexico Connections Academy with a 4 year plan, which was to graduate high school with an associate's degree. I am proud to say that as a 10th grader, I am halfway finished with my Associate's degree in Liberal Arts. As a young girl that migrated to the U.S at the age of 7, graduating with a degree by the time I finish high school is a huge accomplishment. I,along with the almost 2000 students attending NMCA, cannot lose this great school. Please sign my petition to keep this school open. 

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