Stop Moses Hacmon

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Mad Person started this petition to Susan Wojcicki, youtube, TikTok

In case you don't know who Moses Hacmon is a 44 year old man. He is a collaborative artist, photographer, and architect. He is also the fiance of Trisha Paytas a well known social media bully/r@pist/abuser. If you don't know who she is you can check out the petition on her.

For the last few months, people on social media have been learning a whole lot about Mr. Hacmon and his history with women. Of course, people do deserve their privacy however when it's made public then it's fair game. I'm sorry if nobody believes that. 

Moses has been married 2 times and is about to be married yet again to Trisha paytas. He's been a bit of a cheater. Quite the promiscuous guy. While there's not much of an issue with that in itself. It becomes an issue when your bed hoping starts to hurt women both physically and mentally. 

We've learned that Moses likes to text and lead young women on. He has slept with 3 that we know of for sure. He plays with the hearts and minds of girls that are vulnerable. 

For the last few weeks, multiple women have come forward against Mr. Hacmon stating that he has cheated on them, raped them as well as stealthing. which is the act of removing a condom during sex without consent. As of the start of this petition, the bill was passed by The California State Legislature it's just waiting for governor Newsom's signature. 

There have been multiple text messages posted by all parties including a few photos of Mr. Hacmon and his victims. If you look and Mr. Hacmon's texts they don't make a whole lot of sense. It looks as though there may have been some messages removed from his set of screenshots of the conversation. I've noticed it as well as many others. 

He continues to play the victim and he and Trisha keep blaming everything on the victims. The women have been getting hate and threats from Moses and Trisha's fan base since they came out. Because Trisha keeps telling her fans that Moses didn't do anything and says that these women are all just jealous fans of hers. They both need to be stopped before anybody else gets hurt. 


We need to get rid of people like it's not good for the platforms or women. 

Please help us get the attention of these social media platforms to deplatform Moses.

Please share this petition and the Trisha one posts above on Susan Wojcicki Twitter page as well as youtube. Post with any evidence you can find against both of them. 

We need to protect each other from horrible people like this. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!