Stop YouTube From Banning Cannabis Related Channels

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Recently, YouTube started removing Cannabis related channels from their platform.

Channels like Urbanremo, Just Grow It, The High Rise Co., School of Hard Nugs, Vader OG, Medgrower 1, Customgrow420, Loaded up Ent., Matthias710WRX, Strain Central, and plenty more have been terminated by YouTube.

My channel, Cannabis Lifestyle TV, is 100% educational yet we terminated as well.

If we don't speak up now, all Cannabis related content will be completely purged from YouTube making it very difficult for people looking to learn about or better their experience with Cannabis to find quality information.

Some of the terminated channels were hurt not just emotionally, but financially. In order to share their content online, they have to pay for video hosting and potentially their own website. If they're running a legal business, the traffic lost from YouTube will cause a major financial loss for their company as well.

If you guys want to see these channels back and Cannabis related content to be left alone, do your part and reach out to YouTube demanding they have their channels reactivated ASAP and other 420 creators are left to create content for legal adult Cannabis users.

As content creators, we put a lot of work to entertain and educate our audience, as well as help to drive a ton of users to YouTube's platform. As a community, let's do what we can to make a change for today and the future!

*Here's who's been terminated so far: 

Cannabis Lifestyle TV



School of Hardnugs


Highrise TV

Strain Central

Jorge Cervantes

Loaded Up Entertainment

Vader OG

Dr. Autoflower Cannabis

Liquid Jade

Recreational 420


Dinafem Seeds

Mr. Canuck Grows

Crazy Dago

Uptown Grow Lab

Crutch 420

My Stoner Life

Empire Breeding Co

Just Grow It

**Comment the names of any other channels who've been affected by this**