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Petition YouTube to Support Free Speech and Free Thought on an Open and Fair Platform.

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I, and many of my peers, have grown up watching YouTube since its very beginning. We have seen content creators come and go, but those who have stayed have become the bread and butter of entertainment for us and millions of others. Content creators like TJ Kirk (The Amazing Atheist), Sargon of Akkad, JacklynGlenn, The Bible Reloaded, DarkMatter2525, Chris Ray Gun, Armoured Skeptic, and many others have large channels whose entire foundation for prolonged content creation stems from ad revenue. For many of these content creators, YouTube is their only source of income. 

Despite the fact that these channels are basically free agents working for YouTube (drawing in viewership, revenue, etc), I and many others fear that people on the far Left of the political spectrum have strongly influenced Google's decision to lessen the revenue available for these channels. The problem here is that you, and by you I mean Google, YouTube, and Alphabet, have allowed the opinions of a few determine the production of entertainment for others and, by extension, the ability for the self-employed content creators of YouTube to maintain a steady income. This is affecting people's lives. If sufficient revenue cannot be earned on the above-listed YouTube channels, we might see the very end of this form of entertainment forever.

Worse still, by denying ads and ad revenue from topic-specific channels (channels that are critical of feminism, the BLM movement, etc), you are effectively silencing not only the content creator's freedom of speech by draining their incomes and forcing them to find work elsewhere, you are also removing one of the few stages upon which people of varying political views might metaphorically stand and have a discussion. It shouldn't matter if a few people's feelings get hurt. At the end of the day, people can watch whatever they want. That is their freedom. However, if you bleed the beast until it can no longer support itself (i.e. deny certain content creators from earning revenue based solely on their content and not on their viewership) you are telling an entire array of people, both on the Left and the Right, that they have nowhere to conglomerate. I don't think that's what you really want. I hope it isn't.

Please, in the name of free speech and the right of fair assembly, remove and work against these politicized forces that seek to undermine the very foundation of the open marketplace of ideas. If you don't, and these channels are forced to shut down, I can promise you that YouTube will lose millions of views, and the backlash against the far Left will be far more vitriolic than it ever might have been on the fair, free, and open platform that YouTube once was.

As a final caveat, I just want to remind everyone who might be reading this that you cannot kill a dissenting opinion by silencing it (and it is painfully apparent that this is what these ad revenue blocks and accusations of "hate speech" are intended to do). Only through discussion, dissent, and compromise can a society achieve true progression. Only through having an open platform upon which people can conglomerate can people feel that they truly have an outlet, a voice, and that they aren't alone for thinking and feeling the way they do. Let's put an end to denying people the right to free speech. Let us stop punishing those who do not think quite the way we do by stripping them of their livelihood. That is unfair. That is tyranny. That is a blight upon the very tenets of democracy. 

Thank you.

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