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Stop Receiving Fake Non Advertiser Friendly Claims

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Hellow, i'm called Sam Kan and i have a youtube channel where i talk about dragon ball.

The issue that i'm facing is that lately i've been receiving fake notifications claiming that certain videos of mine are non advertiser friendly. This is not just happening to me but also other channels in the dragon ball community are receiving these.

Now the reason why i say ''fake'' is because i've been making videos on youtube for a very long time and i know perfectly well that my videos along with the other channels that are receing those claims, perfectly follow the youtube guidelines and there are no violations that would lead to us receiving such claims.

It's also extremelly ironic that the larger channels that talk about dragon ball are not being effected by this, since we cover EXACTLY the same content and i personally never curse in my videos nor there's sexual content involved, something that would make your video non advertiser friendly.

Also according to youtube in order to receive that specific claim, at least two hours need to pass and there have been videos where i've instantly got a claim. Also if you appeal it an actual person will review it and every time that i have the claim disappears. So if i'm able through appealing it to remove the claim, then why receive one in the first place?

It's also important to note that the attack is happening on videos that are currently receiving views and that is hurting the income i receive from youtube a lot since once the claim is running no ads will show in my videos. If my videos really were problematic shouldn't i receive claims for older videos as well?

The final thing i wanted to mention is that at the same time that these notifications started to come in, someone nearly destroyed my google chrome and the ability for me to use most of the features that youtube has when i access the website via chrome. I can't see the comment section in my videos, certain videos have disappeared from the main page of the channel and i can't livestream.

Just to give you an example of how much ridiculous this is, another youtuber called DBS Exclusive does not even talk in his videos, he's typing what he has to say and he's still getting these notifications.

This is obviously a major problem and we don't know who is going to be effected by this in the future. One thing that i can guarantee you is that my content is as advertiser friendly as it can get, but as you can understand it is not just me, but others are being effected by this as well.

I could go on forever but i believe you already understand the issue. Your support is what matters the most, please sign this petition you guys and let's end this together.

So please lend me your energy and let's finish this once and for all. Once the number is strong enough i will personally deliver this to the youtube office and then youtube can further investigate this and discover the person that is behind all of this. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out, it really means a lot to me and i want nothing else but for this community to keep growing.


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