Restore Etika's YouTube channel so we can remember his legacy | RIP Desmond Amofah

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When I woke up to the news this morning, I really couldn't believe it even though all the pieces added up. I immediately wanted to remember him by finding some of his old videos and realized he terminated his own channel last year. This made me incredibly upset because his legacy can't be found easily. He started his old YouTube channel so long ago, little goofy Etika walking the streets of Brooklyn with his big ass coat lol. Always soft spoken with a smile. Bringing joy and hype to millions of people. These are things we should remember him for, we should celebrate his life.

Thank you for all the signatures, I was hoping with my reach I would be able to get it to just 5k signatures, but the Joycon Boyz spread the word and we are almost at 150k. Well done. I believe there is a fair chance his channel can be brought back. YouTube archives everything, so his channel is likely on their servers still. Keep fighting for him, we were his family too. While I think his burial wish might be a bit impossible, I know this is possible.

We got this!

- fellow smasher and Joycon Boy, Linklight


PS: please STOP donating to this petition if you think the money goes to Etika's family or charity. I had no idea you could donate when I made this. The donations go to and they use it to promote this petition and keep the site running. So with that in mind, please donate to the actual fundraiser linked here (the money actually goes to mental health awareness):

Luke Finnegan
1 year ago