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Removing Logan Paul from YouTube

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Logan Paul, a well known YouTube icon, posted a video December 31st 2017, that should be the inevitable trigger that ends his career.

This "vlog" included him and friends, making their way through Japan's famously known Suicide Forest, home to hundreds of suicides each year. Upon the finding of a suicide victim, Logan continued to film. Showing graphic imagery of the lifeless body, as though it was all some sort of sick joke to him and his friends. Pointing out that the whole thing was "hard to believe" and "hard to see", Logan still deemed it necessary to make this innocent victim the ticket to yet another clickbait. 

His apology video posted, January 2nd 2018, comments on the video including him and his friend's "raw and unfiltered reactions". For a 22 year old person, those reactions and decisions made were so unbelievably disrespectful that defending his actions as unfiltered does not make matters any better. 

Yet the question arises: "Why enter the suicide forest in the first place?" As the location is notorious for its number of suicides, the initial decision to enter--let alone enter with a camera and the intentions for a video to come from it--continues to emphasize Logan Paul's level of crass.

To Susan Wojcicki, current CEO of YouTube, please remove his account as a statement and a form of solidarity with those outraged. No person whose actions and decision making skills are that poor, should be allowed to have enough of a following where videos such as the aforementioned, seem appropriate or even morally okay. Despite it being deleted, its negative impact still stands.

To families and friends of suicide victims, or people who have or are considering this act. You are NOT alone, do not let this video express the views of the majority of people. Just because Logan Paul and his friends are desensitized to the death of the innocent victim, does not mean that everyone else is that inexplicably immoral.

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