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Changing YouTube Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines

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Lately, a lot of content creators have been dealing with the issue of their videos not being "advertiser-friendly" according to YouTube guidelines. I agree with most of the guidelines that they have in place but they are going about the execution in the wrong way. Content creators have been getting their videos demonetized and they didn't do anything wrong.

I will use HoodGamingTV as an example. His channel has been labeled as "shocking content" due to his prank calls. His prank calls are for entertainment purposes only. They are meant to entertain people and shouldn't be taken seriously. However, all of his videos continuously get demonetized. Even on his reaction channel where he just reacts to other people's videos and he does not swear at all or do anything that would violate monetization guidelines and the videos get demonetized.

I will use another example. CaseyNeistat made a video about charity for the Las Vegas shooting victims and the video got demonetized. No swearing or violation of the guidelines in said video. However, on Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube channel a clip was uploaded about him talking about the Las Vegas shooting and ads appear on his video. So its okay for celebrities to talk about it and stay monetized but its not okay for another content creator to talk about it and get demonetized? Hypocrisy.

I've started this petition to help others out and I hope this petition will get enough signatures for YouTube to see it and do something about it.


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