Censor YouTube Kids

Censor YouTube Kids

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Daisy Kabira El started this petition to CEO, YouTube Susan Wojcicki

Hello Everyone, 

I am a concerned parent who's children loves YouTube kids. Although the app itself is a great thing, I am completely disturbed by the Amount of Demonic, Pedophilic, And obscene videos that are on this site. 

I have seen countless warning posts from other parents, and I have shared them in hopes that it would reach every parent possible, but we can not rely on that system alone. Even hovering over our children and reporting and blocking every Horrid video we come across is not a system that we can rely on. 

It makes no sense to me that "YouTube" itself is censored beyond belief. You can't cuss, Be sexually explicit, or use music that doesn't belong to you without your video being removed IMMEDIATLY, BUT "Youtube kids" has a ridiculous amount of inappropriate videos still standing. 

I am writing this petition today to Call for YouTube to no longer allow anonymous accounts to upload. Everyone uploading should have to verify themselves with an ID, and if they do not have an ID then YouTube should PRE-SCREEN each and every video on "Youtube Kids" from start to finish before they allow it to be fully uploaded. there is no reason these videos should ever even make it passed the upload process. 

Requiring ID verification and holding these account holders accountable for the things they upload can cut out a lot of the people who do things because they feel they won’t be caught. 

We need a safe space for our kids, & The only way this can truly be done is if YouTube steps up and helps us to protects our children! 


Below I will link some of the horrid videos that are circulating so parents can try to look out for them while your here 

Momo:  https://www.facebook.com/TWRTINKA/videos/2018450271788463/?__xts__[0]=68.ARAU-vlwECfFncTvwMfRkxKVqrMyrpIr8uguMJP4tuo0g0zfuqEr0W6TfZX01do43R5uo7yu1FCN0wCeEawmBfmVE812s2NsBxMmLVfvO3U3nXyL4GiCRFMX0Wu0w8VhFQ_7Tb84KUcjUPpFgttltfWPWDITVk4WV12M7X3BTHwN8RJGYP5l4GdGrBOkM4akwb4_q5cwNE3-Gik7PVzylbiv1Dq9LkUYEAOdEDRu95omufhSyT7G4n3t2MN8RD498Gljlu7Arsgcn5gNLMxZX-zKJg9ii0STYAT2pOvGF66PQKXBTKSmsbA5A3uqY9irT26BSm2PnOmsOoVL-0Y4ArIY5uQx_Xlz&__tn__=H-R


Bad Mickey:


Bad Peppa:


More Videos:








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At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!