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Change Inaccurate Community Guidelines and Appeal Falsely Terminated YouTube Channels

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Dear, Susan Wojcicki

Last night, my youtube channel (Mr.Sauceman X) has been unjustly terminated due to the false flagging of hundreds to thousands of users over the past 3 months. The problem with the construction of the community guidelines is that they are ran by automated computers who tend to heavily give out false strikes based on users false flagging videos (which is my case).

Their is no doubt that some videos are viciously spreading hate and deserve to be taken down, but most are people speaking on sensitive topics that just happen to offend people. We are not promoting hate, violence, or division. In fact, we may be even the antithesis of that stance while still having the video deleted for "hate speech." This also applies with videos that get age restrictions or demonetization. It is halting content creators from getting the benefits they deserve for their work. And again, all this censorship is based on false flagging and inaccurate algorithms. 

I also heavily disagree with the "3 strikes your channel is terminated" rule too. Plenty of content creators have hundreds to thousands of videos, and to delete all of that hard work, dedication that they poured their heart and soul into over just three videos is pretty unfair. My case, I had about 420 videos I've been working on for over a year 1/2 (1 year and 8 months to be exact) but only 3 videos made in a one month period terminated the entire channel.

This inaccurate system/algorithm has caused thousands of false flag incidents throughout the entire landscape of youtube. My latest strike was a video called "We don't want to end up like Paris". The video was removed for hate speech. In reality, I was literally trying to inform and educate my viewers on terrorism while trying to find a solution. It was a positive message while being a realist at the same time. There was no promotion of hate or violence at all. Positive messages and advice for improvement is no where near hate speech. Had that strike not been placed unjustly I would've still had my channel. I request that an actual human being reviews it and logically compares it to the guidelines. If that's done, then my youtube channel should be appealed. The current system seems to just be removing videos over what offends people and not if it actually goes against the written guidelines.

In conclusion, I am making this petition to call for a total and complete change of the system of the community guidelines. People who falsely flag videos shouldn't have the power of deleting an entire youtube channel. I would assume that I have the popular opinion that this needs a change, and plenty of wrongfully terminated youtube channels need to be appealed, including mine. If you take the time to read this, I thank you very much. 

Sincerely, Javier (aka. Mr.Sauceman X)

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