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Help Pewds. Don't promote Slander and Defamation of Character

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I believe Youtube star Pewdiepie, shouldn't have had been negatively impacted by Wall Street Journal. If any real research was done on the topic of Pewdiepie being anti-semitic you would find that Pewdiepie poses no real influence to Neo-nazis or nazi supporters. This is a blatant case of defamation of character and should be taken with a grain of salt. There are a countless number of youtubers, comedians, and people in general who joke about offensive things.The fact that the media can easily persuade people with limited and vague research is ridiculous. There are people who watch Pewdiepie everyday and rely on his videos to not only make them happy but also entertain them. Felix Kjellberg maybe one of the hardest working youtubers and most influential. Being disowned by Makers Studio and Youtube Red because allegation with uncredible evidence is cruel and gives Youtube and Disney a bad name for believing this and not actually researching these allegations for themselves. This is what these companies are basically doing: allowing the media to persuade their company by cherry-picking their information to defame a youtuber for his satirical and sarcastic jokes. Felix apologised for his jokes in a response video on his channel and also has a blog on tumblr for this.

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