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STRIKE OUT MERCURY in Dentistry, End Human Suffering

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Consumers believe that mercury in dentistry ended with the mad hatters.  It did not.  Those "silver" fillings are still actually 50% mercury, one of the deadliest elements on earth.    

Mercury released by amalgam fillings is absorbed into the body.  In an effort to keep you alive, the body stores the poison in your brain, tissue and organs.  As toxicity builds and the body burden become too high the toxic poison begins to leach back into the bloodstream, causing illness.   Symptoms of this neurotoxin can take years to manifest.  

After prolonged use of amalgams, diagnoses of Parkinson's, autism, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, ALS, multiple sclerosis, psychological disorders, thyroid disease, kidney failure and more find their way into the bodies of those who were exposed.  A rare few are diagnosed as having mercury poisoning.  The remainder are misdiagnosed and spend a lifetime on medications, never finding wellness.

The World Health Organization and the United Nations are clamoring for the use of amalgam fillings to be phased out.  Meanwhile the Food and Drug Administration, although they do recognize there are potential dangers, feels the low cost and durability of amalgams support its use.  The Center for Disease Control claims there is only "minute" danger and the American Dental Association will tell you mercury stored in your head is completely safe.  This government positioning to protect industry policy is wrong.  Human lives are being lost to this positioning.

Waiting for government authorities to intervene has taken decades.  We can circumvent the government and those who claim that mercury in the mouth is safe by signing on to never allow mercury amalgam fillings to be used on you, your family or friends again.  Corporations can sign on to STRIKE OUT MERCURY in the dental policies they offer employees.  

Death by mercury poisoning is slow and very painful.  The public deserves the truth about mercury and at the very least there must be informed consent.  To date, the use of mercury on human beings is legal and requires no formal acknowledgement of the dangers.

Your signature and refusal to use mercury will save not only human lives, but it will serve to reduce the emissions and waste created by dental use which is poisoning our waterways and fish.  In 2010 the United Nations Environmental Program, claimed crematoriums released 3.6 tons of mercury back into the air annually.  The World Health Organization claims dental fillings contribute to more mercury toxicity of the human body than all other potential sources combined.   It is estimated that 300 tons of mercury is used each year in dentistry.  About 30 tons of this is in the United States.  

When you agree to STRIKE OUT MERCURY from your future dental use, you are making a statement that will be heard.   Once there is reduced financial gain from mercury, we can hope for it to be withdrawn from dental health policies and from dentistry all together.  It is the right thing to do.

You can find concise information about mercury in dentistry, symptoms of mercury poisoning and general facts at:


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