No 5G in the World Heritage Blue Mountains

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We call upon our Federal Member for Macquarie Susan Templeman and Blue Mountains Mayor and Local Councillors, (as well as the NSW Premier, Prime Minister and Telstra CEO) to take whatever action is necessary to stop all installation of 5G technology in the Blue Mountains region until such technology has been researched and proven safe to Individuals and the Environment and the consent of the Community has been obtained.      

In these rapidly changing times we could see global disaster or restoration happen within moments. Our technological advancements are truly incredible, and with benevolent consideration our steps forward as a species could be monumentous leaps for the greatest good of all, but without it we could see catastrophic repercussions.

5G is a technology with planned installation in the Blue Mountains community. The potential effect of this technology on our fragile bee populations, eco-systems and the human biology of ourselves and our children have been well researched by concerned scientists and citizens. We encourage you to do your own research with reliable sources, uninfluenced by interested 3rd parties, and have attached some examples for further study at the bottom of this page.

In what may be a matter of months 5G antennas/towers could be rolled out in places like Katoomba as densely as 40 antennas/towers, in some cases 250m apart and transmitted into our common atmosphere 24/7. 4G is effective (though there is increasing evidence that 4G and wifi are harmful as well) and faster 5G capability is already being made available via much safer cabled options like NBN.

Byron Shire council prevented this rollout in Wilsons Creek due to Community Action and our Council can do the same for the whole mountains. Through active engagement we can work together with our Council to provide a future of longevity and health for the environment and people of the Blue Mountains.

There is a  global momentum in Liability Actions and refusal to accept 5G by Concerned Citizens.

We encourage you to take direct action beyond this petition and will support you however we can.

By signing this petition I do not give permission for 5G to enter the Blue Mountains community.

Note - On 1 Nov 2018, A United States Govt Body, the National Toxicology Program, after a ten year and 30 million dollar extensive research project, found a definite relationship between cell phone radiation and cancerous tumors.



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A site that shows how the antennas/towers are being set up in many cases to try and hide or camouflage them - so keep on the lookout for these in your neighbourhood. Note that 4G towers can easily be upgraded to 5G


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