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Mr. Ryan K. Zinke
United States Secretary of Interior

Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Dear Secretary Zinke:

I would like to highly recommend Mr. Robert T. Fanning, of Pray, MT, for the Director's position at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

I was introduced to Mr Robert T. Fanning via other Patriot friends who were quick to bring to my attention the disastrous introduction of the Canadian Gray wolves into the Northwestern United States by the politically motivated zealots.

These Patriots praised Mr. Fanning's knowledge, expertise, and diligent efforts as he worked to educate people on the travesty visited upon our wildlife by Federal bureaucrats who brought in these keystone predators, with no testing, tracking mechanisms, nor ways of controlling their population.

Robert Fanning is a true anti-establishment Patriot, as well as a powerful compliment to the Donald J Trump administration with regard to draining the swamp. With an ethical approach he challenged the regulatory overreach of the USFWS-NPS, further stating for the record that "wolves are a bioweapon, used by the deep state".

Mr Fanning's knowledge and experience on such important issues spans more than two decades. He is highly regarded and respected, for he is a rare
commodity and authority on this subject. Bob possesses the tenacity and strong desire to being the next Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

His skills and talents in political ecology, financial management, financial analysis, project management, leadership, litigation
management, public interest work, and public speaking make it clear that Robert T. Fanning is the perfect person for the job. Bob's nineteen years of public interest work experience has prepared him to run this complex national agency
within the bounds of a constitutional republic.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr Fanning was responsible for writing Mt HJR 29 in 2005, which passed by a super majority.

Mr Fanning's passionate and tireless efforts have helped to inform the public on the wolf problem, and is held in high regard by Patriots because he is Non-Establishment and considered an asset and steward of our natural resources, as he is not only a great communicator, yet, is naturally instilled with a zest and spirit for the undertaking as Director of the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, as he was born for this place in time.

Mr Fanning is a diamond in the rough and I ask that you seriously consider installing him into this crucial cabinet role as Director of the United States Fish & Wildlife Service. Mr Fanning is highly innovative, with a reputation for fierce loyalty, integrity, honor and intelligence, his tremendous energy, dogged determination and the character filled epitome of pioneering spirit add yet another layer to his out doorsman approach.

America's future depends on the fate of Mr Robert T Fanning in this position. As a Gold Star Mother who lost her Marine son and American hero and legacy to an ambush at war, nearly nine years ago, I want to add that we as a nation and a sovereign people cannot allow room for the legacy of our lands and natural resources to become diminished in any way, or ambushed by the bureaucrats, lobbyists, and Special Interest Groups of D.C.

By installing Mr Robert T.Fanning as Director of the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, we will be protected against those nefarious pay to play bad actors, who use their false narratives and regulations in all 50 states of our republic.

Mr Robert T Fanning is Non Establishment and will get the job done and will be an incredible asset to the Trump Administration.

In his words he states "Mr Trump has promised to drain the swamp, the only way to drain the swamp is to get rid of the watermelons clogging up the drain".

USPS hard copy to follow.


Susan L Price
Gold Star Mother of Gunnery Sgt Aaron M Kenefick, USMC

KIA September 8 2009, Ganjgal Ambush, Kunar Province Afghanistan
Supporter of President Donald J Trump


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