Stop The Sanitary Tax: It's Unsanitary

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Stop The Sanitary Tax: It's Unsanitary

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Tsuno started this petition to Sussan Ley (Minister for the Environment) and

It's time for a change in policy. Tsuno, asks you to join the global fight against the unfair tax on sanitary products. Currently in Australia Sanitary items are charged at 10 % GST as a non-essential item.
If the Government recognises an item as 'a basic need' then no GST is charged. This encompasses sunscreen, personal lubricants, condoms and even Nicotine alternatives to reduce smoking. However, sanitary items are considered non-essential. Prompting us to remind our leaders that periods aren't a lifestyle choice and that basic sanitary products ARE essential.

At Tsuno, we've tried and tested a period without basic sanitary products. We, like those in developing countries used rags, newspaper, sponges and even attempted to use leaves and bark, and the results were shocking. Thus proving, access to basic sanitary products is ESSENTIAL for all women globally. Read more at  

Tsuno is dedicated to working towards providing the basic necessities globally. Let's start by getting our essential items recognised at home!

Let's show our Government that our periods are not a commodity to be profited from, period. 

We are joining our sisters in the UK, Canada and France and are combining forces to end this bloody outrage.

Its time to ask Sussan Ley, the Minister for Health of Australia to do what's ESSENTIAL and Stop the Tampon Tax!

Help us to spread the word that our Periods are not to be taxed. Period.

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Challenge two friends to sign this petition and turn basic sanitary items into #Blingonastring. Follow our hashtags to find out more. Let's show our Government just how 'unessential' sanitary products can be!

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This petition had 4,091 supporters