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Diabetic Turned Away From The EX Because Of Medication!

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So my friends brother was going to the Saskatoon ex yesterday with his backpack. They did a security check and found his prescription medication (for dialysis) and his needles for his diabetes. They immediately told him to throw it out which he couldn't becuase he needs those medications to live.

So he left to go put them in a family members vehicle in the parking lot (as they wouldn't allow him entrance) And the flaman security followed him and phoned the police, as they didn't believe it was his medication.

His brother Brady was on the phone with him and they told Brady they were( flaman security) detaining him for no reason. And then they hung up on Brady as they were arresting him and the Flaman security was trying to grab his bag saying

"your not leaving with that bag!"from him as he was on the street. And waved the police over, which resulted in the police and flaman security slamming him against the fence and detaining him.

Brady phoned Susan Kuzma the manager of the exhibition. To resolve this issue and she would not help and told Brady to talk to SGT Weber with city police. Once Brady did she said they would not help him in the matter untill they investigated more and hung up on Brady (they also tried to take his pass away from him that he paid for!)

Brady also tried to phone Susan (ex manager) back but all he got was voicemail.

Is this how we treat the ill when they are trying to enjoy their time while they can!!

This absolutely disgusts me that such an event would treat people like this.

They let him go with no proof and he just got on a bus and left because why would someone want to stay after being profiled and treated like that. They told him the whole time that they did not believe that was his medication!!!

By the way sgt Weber called Brady back to say they let him go and and then promptly hung up on him.

Securtiy needs better training to deal with sick people, know the difference between street drugs and medication drugs. People should be able to enjoy events no matter your conditions!! 5 hours of dialysis and all he wanted to do was walk around the EX and enjoy himself. This can NOT happen again, to ANYONE! 

We Want a Public Apology from Susan Kuzma and changes made in the future on how to handle these kinds of situations or else we simply ask people to boycott the Saskatoon EX and don't go!!  

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