Secure the future of Littlemoor park as a site of conservation importance for Queensbury

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Littlemoor Park was gifted to the inhabitants of Queensbury by the Foster Family in 1936 for the purposes of recreation and to be associated with King George V.

Since then, the park has been listed as a 'Site of Conservation Importance' and a Bradford Wildlife Area to be used as a place for the 'Quiet enjoyment of nature'.

It is further listed as A Priority Habitat Network (forestry Commission) and a Deciduous Woodland Priority Habitat Inventory (Nature England)

The NE9 building status of the park states that "development would not be
permitted unless it can be clearly demonstrated the development outweighs the need to safeguard the conservation value of the site."

We, the Friends of Littlemoor Park believe that the site belongs to the inhabitants of Queensbury and that building a crematorium within the boundary would not only flout the gift deed and the NE9 status, it would also permanently destroy this Priority Habitat clearly cherished by the people of Queensbury. Building in Littlemoor Park would eliminate it as a site of conservation value for future generations. 

The Friends have worked incredibly hard over the past 4 years to save the park from Balsam, to create a development plan that will strengthen its statuses and prevent building in order to keep the space as it was intended.

The site is the only one of its kind in Queensbury - it is unique. It is the ONLY managed Bradford Wildlife Area in the locale. Without even considering the access issues and infrastructure problems a crematorium may cause, the principle is clear...

Littlemoor Park belongs to the inhabitants of Queensbury - the decision to build a crematorium within the boundary should only be made by the people. Keep Littlemoor as it was intended - a "Green Lung" for Queensbury for generations to come by removing it from the list of potential sites for a Crematorium.