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Get Logan Paul the hell off YouTube!

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Logan Paul. Where do I start? 

So he goes to suicide forest, a place in Japan were A LOT of people kill themselves. The most any YouTuber has found whilst visiting are the traces that someone was there like an abandoned car or bag or footprints in the snow. No one has ever found an actual dead body whilst vlogging there, so we have nothing to really compare it to but it doesn't take a genius to know the way he reacted was NOT okay. 

I haven't seen the original video but I have seen all I need to from reaction videos to the original. The video starts with them planning to stay their overnight and have camping things. Fine. Other people have done that. But you are being your loud obnoxious self and not at all being respectful to where he was. You are in the car park that's right outside the forest where countless people have had their lives destroyed by a friend/family committing suicide. 

They go into the forest and continue to be disrespectful, then Logan stops and for a few seconds shows a genuine reaction. Now a respectful person would cut off at that point to a few hours later and explain what happened. What you DON'T do is carrying on filming. This guy then turns up saying that someone close to him died in this Forest at 21 and Logan - who is holding the camera - screams "NO WAY!" like a flipping 8-year-old who's just been told Santa isn't real. He and the two people with him are overacting and playing up to the camera. Not cause of shock or being traumatised, but because that's what they do to get views. 

Then what happens? They go up to this poor guy and start filming his corpse. How can you do that? And then Logan says "Hey bro you okay?" No 'bro' he's not okay! You can see the rope that is hanging him why would you ask that? This guy was so lonely, so depressed, so trapped, felt so shit about himself and his life that he felt the only way out was to tie that rope, to that tree, and hang himself. And Logan Paul exploited all that just for views. 

His 'apology' was crap. Both on Twitter and YouTube. He was just trying to find excuses and Logan might look and sound dumb but he's a little smart. He's used some good old reverse psychology by telling his fans "Don't defend me."  

The worst thing is he's still gaining subscribers and someone who had re-posted the video was #10 on trending! And everyone knows YouTube hand picks their trending page. Just why? WHY? If ANYONE else had done a video like that:
Video: Instantly deleted.
Channel: Suspended or worse deleted.
YouTube: Would make a formal apology on the ex-youtuber's behalf to all the people offend/affected by the video with a link to a suicide helpline site.
But no, because Logan is their big money-maker they can't get rid of him! He's too precious! So instead let's make out his behaviour is okay cause taking your own life is a sin anyway!
Screw YouTube. You are supporting a guy that LAUGHED when he just a few feet from a suicide victim. You're exploiting this man too. You aren't doing anything to punish the child that exploited the victim. You are still making money off this person.

He has millions of 12-year-olds defending him thinking this is normal behaviour. If Logan doesn't get punished they aren't going to learn that that is wrong therefore they will be disrespectful to suicide victims too. Is that what you want YouTube? 

YouTube has been messed up for a while. They demonetise anything controversial that might teach someone something. Demonetising videos that haven't even done anything wrong. Only allowing their big money makers like Logan to succeed. 

If you go into the restricted section of YouTube and search the name of your favourite YouTuber their channels won't come up. Their latest video in the restricted section will be from 5 months ago. Their video that they put hours and hours of work into will get demonetised after only being online a few seconds.

Getting Logan off YouTube might just be the kick in the arse they need to stop all this bullshit.

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