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Increase funds for scientific research and increase transparency.

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The American Cancer Society anticipates that the United States will see 226,870 new breast cancer diagnoses and 39,510 breast cancer deaths in 2012. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the single largest breast cancer charity in the world. With $439,451,449 in public support and revenue (FY 2011) and only $50,052,346 in funds dedicated to research and $181,092,283 in "public health education" it is time for greater accountability and transparency.

Ambassador Brinker,

As the largest breast cancer charity in the world your voice and your funding can change the face of breast cancer. Despite struggles in charting your course in this year, Komen has retained its place as the primary breast cancer “brand.” As October approaches, you have launched yet another marketing campaign invoking a sense of unity among survivors. However, the breast cancer community is fractured and frequently works at odds with one another. You, Ms. Brinker, are in a position to change that.

To do so, you must set aside petty differences and help unify us. If, as your recent ads claim, “we stand together” then we need all of the resources at hand, leveraged cooperatively, to finally find a cure to breast cancer. You can fulfill your promise to your sister in no other way. When we work at odds, we only delay reaching our goal. Over 100 people died today, another 100 will die tomorrow. How many more have to die before Susan G. Komen for the Cure dedicates every available dollar to save them?

· FUND RESEARCH: As Susan G. Komen for the Cure, you have a moral obligation to direct funds to support a cure for breast cancer. While mammograms are important, we all know that they neither prevent nor cure cancer, ever. Research dollars are our only hope, and every dollar diverted translates to lives lost. Moreover, you can make a critical impact on the disease by adopting a 30-for-30 commitment to patients with metastatic disease: 30% of funding for 30% of those who have incurable Stage IV breast cancer.

· TRANSPARANCY: Here’s just one example where you cultivate mistrust among donors and survivors: with the complexity of operations and budgets these days, it is easy to hide tens of thousands of dollars in overhead lines across a cross a charity’s budget. In your case it is millions. According to IRS documents, in FY 2010 your grant line accounts for approximately $75M. According to your own website, you issued multi-year grants totaling less than $51M. And that is just one budget line. It is time to clear away the smoke and mirrors, and institute a policy of transparency.

· Responsible Products & Partnerships: From your “Promise Me” perfume laden with banned carcinogens, to partnering with Kentucky Fried Chicken in the “Buckets for the Cure” campaign, you are perpetuating cancer and poor health. Restrict your partnerships and products to those that do no harm, and encourage other organizations and corporations to end damaging practices and improve dangerous products.

The best, most responsible leaders lead by example. As an organization in transition, you stand at a crossroads. As women and men with breast cancer, as the mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters and brothers, caregivers and friends who are also touched by this disease, we urge you now to stand up and lead. Chose to make a difference, chose to be part of the cure.


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