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Fight Back Against Youtube's Monetization Advances

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Youtube started as a platform to "Broadcast Yourself," and while there's been a few issues with Youtube in the past, this one takes the cake. If you're not aware, Youtube has recently updated their terms of service in regards to monetization. These rules can be seen as borderline censorship, something that youtube seemed to be against. You may lose monetization rights if your video contains one or more of the following:

  • Sexually Suggestive Content/Partial Nudity and Sexual Humor
  • Violence and Injury/Foul Language
  • Conversation Regarding Controversial Political Topics
  • Etc.

The worst part about this is, Youtube has been demonetizing these videos in the past without notifying the creators at all, thus leaving them to investigate why they haven't made as much money as expected. I could go on and on about these guidelines, but that would be like beating a dead horse, so allow me to get to the crux of this petition.

What Youtube is doing now is borderline censorship, and completely wrong. Isn't it ironic that a platform intended to "Broadcast Yourself" is actually preventing honest people from doing so? If a video is flagged for some horrific reason, such as blatant racism, rape, etc., then it's perfectly fine for that video to be taken down. However, preventing advertisement based on these broad principles will be damaging to many people using the website. I believe these guidelines should be a lot more specific, as these criteria are way too broad to allow something as major as demonetization.

So I'm asking you all, people of the internet, to help this petition be heard, and tell youtube that we are not okay with this outrage. Good guidelines can make or break a website, and I believe these guidelines are ridiculous. I appreciate all of your support, and look forward to seeing change for the better on this website.

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