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IMPORTANT: This petition discusses potentially triggering sexual and violent material.

Please sign this petition requesting Def Jam Records to add a Parental Discretion Advisory Warning of graphic content at the start of Logic's 1-800-273-8255 SUICIDE PREVENTION music video. This warning will inform audiences of the nature of the content. The video was released in August 2017, the song just months earlier. As of April 2018 the video on Youtube (posted by Vevo) and has 130,000 DISLIKES.

Freedom of speech is respected and valued as is the positive messages of choosing life which is conveyed through Logic’s song (compared to the graphic scenes in the video). This is not what the petition is about. In the video a youth is struggling with how others may accept his sexual identity and is bullied for being gay; he considers suicide. With the increase in childhood suicide rates of late it is clear that suicide prevention is critical. The video ends positively with the boy finding happiness in marriage.  This petition is not requesting any changes to the content of the video - only to add a Parental Discretion Advisory Warning.

The issues with the video, especially for those with trauma, is that many are triggered by the content of the video.  An imitation penis (used as a sex tool) is attached to the boy’s locker and is graphically displayed. Sexual abuse survivors surely are negatively impacted by this visual.  Additionally, gun violence is prevalent with so many large scale, random shootings continuing to rise. Individuals who have experienced gun violence could be emotionally triggered when the boy puts the gun to his head.  Both the lyrics and video follow the progression from feeling alone and wanting to die choosing to live. Promoting suicide prevention, anti-bullying and acceptance is applauded and the song is well done. However, when it negatively impacts whole groups of people then adjustments need to be made.  A Parental Discretion Advisory warning of graphic content would do just that and would allow the audience to decide for themselves whether they want to expose themselves to the scenes which can provoke feelings of fear by triggering painful memories or flashbacks of a previously distressing event. Simply by adding the Parental Discretion Advisory Warning, the audience is given the choice; without the warning there is no choice.

Thank you to Janet Borelli, VP of Ethics and Policy at Viacom, who in November, within 24 hours of being alerted, pulled Logic's Video from the MTV rotation. Unfortunately, it had been viewed by millions before it was removed.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline sent a message* (link below) to Logic congratulating him for his video increasing calls to the  Suicide Prevention hotline at record levels. It has not been considered that the video provokes psychological distress to many and some have required psychiatric support due to watching the video.  The increase in calls to the suicide prevention hotline could be due to these individuals impacted negatively by the video and these statistics have not been considered.

Please sign this petition requesting Def Jam Records to add a Parental Discretion Advisory Warning to Logic's 1-800-273-8255 SUICIDE PREVENTION music video to give audiences the choice whether to watch the scenes knowing it contains graphic content which could cause emotional distress and increased mental distress symptoms.  

As a reminder, this petition is not about freedom of speech or the need for suicide prevention efforts.  It is about preparing the audience for what is to come and giving the choice whether to watch knowing the graphic content within. A Parental Discretion Advisory Warning is a logical and simple way to rectify the situation.

Angela Einstein, founder AEinstein Universe.


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