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Protect Children from Pedophiles

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In Maine, it has come to the public's attention that a convicted and registered sex offender has been taking photos of young girls and sharing them on the internet with inappropriate comments and captions. This has caused quite the stir in our community since this makes many people feel uncomfortable and scared and as a community we have taken all the legal actions possible to clear up this issue but the response from our police is that "Nothing can be done because what he is doing isn't illegal". So my question for all of you is: What can be done? 

In some states legislation has been passed to have pedophiles and rapists castrated, but that doesn't really solve the entire problem. Many people in our community say "just wait, he will slip up and they will bring him back to jail". If you ask me, that isn't a very effective solution either. Many people argue that prison is about "rehabilitation", and for some, it is. But that isn't the case for pedophiles. They aren't receiving therapy or any other kind of rehabilitative aids. It has already been proven that even if they were to receive therapy, even the most extreme and inhumane forms of conversion therapies are ineffective. 

So here is the solution I would like to see put in place; the re-institution of capital punishment (or the death penalty) for pedophiles. Now I realize that seems a little harsh, but there aren't really any other permanent solutions. Sure, we can lock them up for x amount of time and hope they've learned to look but not touch, but if we as a society really thought that was acceptable there wouldn't be laws against child pornography. We could ban them from the U.S. and send them to a country where it is okay to sleep with children, but what kind of message does that send the rest of the world? It's really quite simple; as a society we have determined that children are the most important and most vulnerable members of our community and we simply aren't doing everything we can to protect them. It isn't about punishing the pedophiles but rather eliminating the threat they impose on society. Please help protect the children of America. 

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