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End Dog Overpopulation in the US

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     The ASPCA estimates that around 670,000 dogs are euthanized in animal shelters in the US. Statistics also say that for every citizen there are 5 dogs living on our streets that have no owners. Many get hit by cars, starve to death, get killed by other dogs, or people who find them a nuisance or a danger to livestock. Animal control and dog rescues try their best to get these dogs off the streets. Puppy mills dump another 2 million puppies into the equation every year. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where there are simply too many dogs in this country. It is time for a legislative solution.

     Place a ban on dog breeding for two years, except for rare breeds and seeing eye dogs. If a dog is bred accidently, require it to be spayed immediately. Perhaps police departments and service dog organizations can find their dogs from animal shelters. Limit rare breeds to 1 litter per year. Require that they have buyers in place before they breed their dogs. 

     Require all dog breeders to be licensed. The two year ban should be enough time to get this process started. Require breeding stock to be good quality specimens and certified clear for genetic diseases prevalent in that breed. Set a standard for how breeding stock are housed and cared for. While it is acceptable for Siberian Huskies to live out side in the snow, for Yorkshire Terriers it is not. Dogs are to be properly groomed and kept in clean conditions. Personally inspect the premises of each breeder applying for a license. Require breeding stock to be checked by a licensed veterinarian once a year.

     Since the dog registries will lose money from litter and individual dog registrations have them license and inspect breeders and maintain proof of negative genetic testing. Let the American Kennel Club handle the pure-bred dogs, and another registry handle the mixed breeds. Let the registries set the fees for their licensing services. Breeders will be responsible for the cost of testing for certifying their dogs free of known genetic diseases (I.e., hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy).

After the 2 year ban is up, limit licensed breeders to 2 litters a year, not from the same dogs. Require any puppy not deemed future breeding stock to be microchipped and spayed or neutered at the breeder's expense before it is sold to it's new owner. If any puppy is found to be homeless it has to be returned to the breeder who bred it.

     Now for the biggie. Require ALL dogs not deemed future breeding stock to be spayed or neutered. Set up a panel of people consisting of veterinarians of low cost spay/neuter clinics, no kill animal shelters, dog rescues, an accountant (to figure out the financial aspects), a few members of congress (they don't get a say, but have to help figure out how to implement the program). Come up with a fair price for low cost spay & neuter, ways to get it done on a mass scale, and how to fund for people who cannot afford to spay or neuter their pet.

     It is time to protect dogs instead of having them thrown away like garbage. To get every adoptable dog a home, empty the rescues and shelters, take them off the streets, end the killing of shelter dogs, end breeding for profit and for dog fighting. Spaying and neutering can accomplish this.





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